Activities finish at a time , Delimoer also some get enough to want to leave. Bryant will be heard tomorrow, came on the scene , Delimoer said he would come early , early bird bell on the cat .Air Jordan 1.5 And Delimoer compared , Labeierluo Lenze not so lucky. 13-14, two days, Anthony , Wade , Paul , Jordan Bryant took turns at the Rucker Park debut , but did not see Lorenz 1 . Although the activities of that day, he is on the scene , but he has his own task.Air Jordan 2.5 Lorenz more than 30 years old , tall , one meter tall nine coupled with a few of the protruding belly generals exaggerated do not look very afraid of people laugh when , with his security personnel wearing the black uniform of complement , sufficient deterrence Force , but he met with the audience , the media went into space , will Lie Kaizui , showing a mouth large white teeth , Xiao Hehe to greet someone , feeling very warm .Air Jordan 3.5 As a native of Harlem who , nike basketball exhibition for help, he was quite happy to be unfortunately , he was responsible for the area is just a new grandstand erected to block line of sight , the play happens, he could not see . " I was a little regret , can only hear sound of children . "He pointed to the other side of the speakers said .Air Jordan 6 ring The basketball fair number of security personnel in fact invited , there are many police around the waist Chuaizhe gun stroll in space . Lorenz admitted that the police did come , he was seen more police officers . Still in his teens , the Harlem disorder was not, " drug abuse , robbery , crime ... ... " Lorenz said, " because it is black ghettos where outsiders can not come , insiders do not want outsiders to . "Air Jordan 10.5 He said he was not honest kid , tall and large , he lived in that street , the number of his most powerful . " But now think of it , all feel a little scared . " Lorenz said that the way 90's Harlem , crime plagued , is the lowest level , people here like to live in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty . Strong contrast between rich and poor people to generate a strong sense of imbalance , hostile to the outside world . Young adolescent impulses and this inferiority complex mixed together, not something strange . "At that time almost every other police cars had a few blocks . " Lorenz said .Air Jordan 2009 Because of frequent fights , his mother decided to send him to the community to play basketball training camp , to vent excess energy. With their excellent physique and , Lorenz soon famous. " This is really , basketball great help , "he said , "Actually at that time, I go out and play NBA. know what ? This is the best out of poverty , the fastest way . It is also, to win others The best way to respect . "Shox Torch