Chinese stocks fell intoMoncler a bear market Tuesday as bubbling inflation and real estate prices fueled expectations that Beijing will take further steps to slow the booming economy. But analysts said the government is taking appropriate measures tomoncler jacket keep the world's main growth engine humming. The Shanghai composite fell 1.9% after jacketsthe government said consumer prices rose 2.8% in April vs. a year ago, up from 2.4% in March. Meanwhile, home prices in 70 cities climbed 12.8% in April frommoncler jacket a year ago, the most since records began five years ago. Bank lending jumped to $113 billion from $75 billion in March despite government efforts to curb lending. Other data showedmoncler down retail sales, industrial output and investment soaring over year-ago levels. Massive stimulus and easy credit helped China comemoncler men through the global crisis almost unscathed, with moncler coatseconomic growth soaring at 11.9% in Q1 vs. a year earlier. The trick now will be to withdraw stimulus in a timely manner. "Whenever you take away stimulus, as we saw in Japan in the 1990s, you can take it away toomoncler vest quickly and go right back into recession," said David Wyss, chief economist at Standard & Poor's. "So far they've done a pretty good job of managing the economy." China has been ordering banks to boost their reserves and curb lending amid concerns that easy money is fueling a bubble in home and stock prices. Fear that tighter credit will cause the economy to slow has sent the Shanghai composite down about 19% this year. Down more than 20% from a November peak, Chinese stocks are technically in a bear market. But analysts said the government will likely refrain from more drastic action, such as raising interest rates, given that inflation is still running below its 3% target and the global economic recovery remains on shaky ground. "It's good that they're trying to use a scalpel rather than a sledge hammer," Wyss said. "Fighting bubbles with higher interest rates usually doesn't work — the bubble keeps on blowing up and you kill the rest of the economy." Any plans to let the yuan rise vs. the dollar are likely on hold due tomoncler online fears that Europe's debt woes could trigger a repeat of the turmoil that followed Lehman Bros. collapse in the fall of 2008. "The biggest risk for the global economy lies in Europe, not in China," said Jay Bryson, global economist at Wells Fargo Securities. "They (China) want to see things settle down before they move" on the yuan. Longer term, a stronger yuan could help temper inflation. A sharp slowdown in the world's No. 3 economy would deal a blow to moncler salethe global recovery. Australia, Japan and South Korea would be hit especially hard. "If China hits the brakes and really slows down it would certainly have a slowing effect on the global economy," Bryson said. But barring a renewed global financial panic, Bryson said China will be able to engineer a soft landing, bringing growth to a 9% rate.moncler sale Moncler men Hoody Moncler men T-shirt Moncler men Polo shirt Moncler men Jackets