Air Jordan 6Nike shoes for your sport than adidasEnvironmental protectionIt? Soon you can find validation methods. 100ClothingBrands and retailers are developing a measure ofClothingAnd shoes for the degree of environmental impact of the software , the software until the waste materials will be monitored throughout the process , the hope of eventually formed the label in the clothing or packaging eco- value index system.Air Jordan 7 The purpose of ecological index is to all manufacturers of products designed to take into account environmental impacts. Sustainability has caused public concern and attract consumers to try new products as a powerful tool . Now join the brand : Levi's, Nike, Target, Brooks Sports, adidas, Timberland, REI, Columbia, Patagonia , etc. .Air Jordan 8 Although the garment industry did not cause air pollution , but the production process , or would greatly affect the environment .Air Jordan 9 Such as leather in the process of adding a lot of chemicals , synthetic fibers such as polyester fibers will release large amounts of volatile substances. Americans in 2008 to throw 124 billion dollarsTextileProducts, this number is much greater than other forms of waste emissions .Air Jordan 10 The index system of eco- products will be monitored throughout the life cycle : raw materials - Production - Transportation - Treatment . For example , if the Levi's brand launched a recovery plan to recover the old consumersJeans, Then get the corresponding points .Air Jordan 11