Microsoft was all excited and pepped upmoncler online about Project Natal for the Xbox 360. Apparently, at the D8 Conference of All Things Digital, Microsoft demonstrated its Project Natal accessory which was a development sample. Meanwhile, Sony has pulled every gamer including Killzone fans for a treat with a new debut trailer of Killzone 3. Its time again we take a sneak peak at moncler salesome of the major happenings in the world of gaming in the week that just passed. Microsoft demos Project Natal atMoncler men Hoody D8 Conference At the All Things Digital'sMoncler men T-shirt D8 Conference, Microsoft took center stage and showed a live demo of its upcoming major gaming accessory - Project Natal. Microsoft's Project Natal for Xbox 360 is an accessory that is a combination of hardware as well as software to recognize human gestures and voice for interactive gaming experience. As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in January, Project Natal is due for Holidays this year. While we've checked out a couple of prototypes of Project Natal, one of the development sample was used for demo at the D8 Conference. Engadget has managed to get close shots of the development unit. Killzone 3 Teaser shows Sev inMoncler men Polo shirt Helgan Mask Sony has released the first teaser trailer ofMoncler men Jackets its major upcoming title - Killzone 3. Last month, Sony confirmed that Guerrilla Games is developing the third installment in the Killzone series. This game would be different from both previous installments as the developers have promised that each level will be ten times bigger than Killzone 2. They also said that the game would be playable in 3D. You can view this trailer on the Killzone website only after you pass the age barrier. Def Jam Rapstar due onMoncler women Jackets October 5 in U.S. Konami has announced the release dates of Moncler men Down Jacketsits music themed game - Def Jam Rapster. This Hip-Hop music game features a karaoke-style game play. If you're looking out to be an emcee then Def Jam Rapstar is certainly your game to hone your skills. Do note that this game isn't related to Electronic Arts Def Jam series of Hip-Hop games. Konami's Def Jam Rapstar will hit U.S. stores on October 25 (for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) while UK based citizens will get the game on November 5. Def Jam Rapstar is the ultimate karaoke game that will come with a microphone and 40 Rap tracks from famous artists. Developed by 4MM games, this Def Jam Rapstar game also features a Freestyle mode that allows the players to drop their rhymes over the tracks. LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Demo due on Moncler women Down JacketsJune 7 Want to learn casting spells, brew potions and generic Wizardry? Get ready for the LEGO Harry PotterMoncler men Vest Jackets Years 1-4 game that'll let you explore Hogwarts' School or Witchcraft. LEGO fans would be delighted to know that Warner Bros Interactive and Traveller's Tales have announced that LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 demo will be released for Xbox 360 on June 7. The PS3 and PC platforms will get the demo later this month. You can play Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger or any other character out of 100 options.Air Max Misc Vintage Air Max Air Max Plus Zoom Moire+ Air Stab