Human rights organizations criticized the three German companies Adidas and other exploitation of workers in Chinasale ugg boots European Times inhuman Foxconn in Shenzhen enterprises to light the same way , Christian human rights organization southerly of the three German companies operating in China, also had harsh criticism. According to the report published by South Wind Thursday , China's per month to the workload of up to 130 hours of overtime , and this month .Air Max Ltd 2 According to Chinese labor law, employees working hours per week for up to 60 hours. Three German companies , in gross violation of labor law and undermine human rights.Air Max 95 This three enterprises Aldi (Aldi), Adidas (Adidas) and Metro (Metro). According to the survey south wind , Guangdong, a leading supplier of textile production plant Aldi employees monthly workload up to 130 hours of overtime , often unpaid overtime. In Fujian, the two shoes for the Adidas shoe manufacturing workers monthly workload up to 92 hours of overtime . Metro supermarkets for the foreign workers can not work on maternity leave , and can not enjoy certain social benefits . In addition, wages are often only barely higher than the statutory minimum wage. Such as an Adidas supplier factory employees basic salary is 660 yuan per month , while the statutory minimum wage is 570 yuan , but to protect the life , employees need to 1640 yuan . Nam Fung pointed out that China 's cost of living rose rapidly , the factory even if the employees pay 20 percent this year , it still few and far between .Air Max 97 Aldi has some recognition of a bad situation . Adidas south Deutsche said it would seriously criticized and verification . Metro said that the company will be in China to comply with International Labor Organization standards as much as possible .nike free 5.0