Air Max Ltd 2Law of Pakistan issued a report , given retail sporting goods market, excess supply , so competition coupled with rising costs , so the outlook on the industry "neutral" view, but the preferred shares to mainland SportsChina Trends(3818-HK), because the company's attractive valuation .Air Max Tn Law of Pakistan reported that the Mainland in the second and third tier cities in high-speed expansion of retail network , and estimates Related stock movementsAir Max Tn(Special Edition) Dollars per million population in the mainland , there were 229 retail sporting goods , and higher than the first-tier cities in every million people has 137 sporting goods stores : the bank is expected 7 sports stock market 's compound annual growth rate will shop From 2006 to 2009 dropped 30% from 2009 to 2012 of 8.8% , while noting that the Mainland stock sporting goods store sales growth has the same downward trend .Women Air Max Ltd In addition , NIKE to cheaper products into the Mainland, the second and third tier cities , with the line extension will be a direct competition in the industry ; rise in the price and because publicity would make China Trends andAnta SportsThe gross margin pressure , andLi Ning(2331-HK) Gross margin is expected will be flat .Women's Air Max 90 Law added that Pakistan , the bank preferred shares for the Chinese mainland sports trends , mainly due to the stock dividend rate of the next two years at current prices 5.3% and 6% , while the price-earnings ratio of about 7.6 times 11.7 times , is more optimistic about prospects for the company . ( Editor : Cheng Dan ) Sohu Security statement:The channel contents of the information cited in cooperation with the media and partner organizations , does not mean that their views and positions Sohu Securities recommended investors to carefully check this information , pursuant to the market , at your own risk .Women's Air Max Ltd 2