RUSH LIMBAUGH's remark to a caller that he would go toMichael Jackson Memorial COSTA RICA for health care if Pres. OBAMA's health care plan passes has gotten attention from news organizations around the world, but LIMBAUGH says that the reporters misinterpreted what he said. On MONDAY's show, LIMBAUGH said in response to a caller asking where he would go to see a private doctorNike Air yeezy if the plan passes ("If the health care bill passes, where would you go for health care yourself?") that "If this passes and it's five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented, I am leaving the country. I'll go to COSTA RICA." The remark led the HUFFINGTON POST to interpret the comment as saying that he would move to COSTA RICA rather than go there to see the doctor, an interpretation picked up by news organizations and bloggers worldwide. On his show TODAY (3/9), LIMBAUGH responded, saying that the article's interpretation of his Nike Jordan 1 comment "has been turned into I'm going to leave the country for COSTA RICA and move there if Obamacare passes. I've had all kinds of reporters: 'Are you serious? Do you really mean this?' So I've had to patiently explain today to people who do not bother to stay informed on this stuff what the genesis and the primary context of my comment was. "I said, 'Look, there are insurance companies that don't want to be put out of business." We've Nike Jordan 1 vs Jordan 20 talked to them on the program. I've talked to them privately. They are establishing health care clinics with quality doctors in places like COSTA RICA. They're going to continue to sell policies to people who have the ability to fly down there and get treatment. If I have to get thrown into this massive government health care insurance business and end up going to the driver's license office every day when I need to go to the doctor, yeah, I'll go to COSTA RICA for treatment, not move there. So they're just in a tizzy out there, between COSTA RICA and (resigning Congressman) ERIC MASSA. So -- (laughing) -- it's going to be a fun day. Heck, it already is a fun day." Later, LIMBAUGH added, "You know, I am in such hot water now. People in NEW ZEALAND are sending Nike Jordan 10 me e-mails: 'How come you're not coming here? You've been telling everybody you're moving to NEW ZEALAND and now you're saying you're going to COSTA RICA.' I did not say I'm going to COSTA RICA. The stupid people in the media who cannot trouble themselves to read my transcripts or listen to this program, listen to out of context stuff. I was asked yesterday where will I go for health care if OBAMA's health care passes, and I said if doctors here are not permitted to form private practice little clinics with individuals paying a fee, a retainer, and for services, then I'll go to COSTA RICA to get major medical health care. I didn't say I would move there. They're all over these websites: 'LIMBAUGH says he'd move to COSTA RICA. Why, what more incentive do we have to pass health care to get LIMBAUGH to move to COSTA RICA?' Now, NEW ZEALAND is reading about this and they're all bent out of shape that I'm somehow not coming there, all because of the stupid media. They are not competing for me because COSTA RICA doesn't think I'm going to move there, which I wouldn't. Gosh." Who Gets the Best Sleep? More than 80 percent of Asians said they had a good night's sleep at least a few nights or more a Nike Jordan 10.5 week. About 70 percent of Hispanics, 68 percent of Whites, and 66 percent of Blacks reported the same. Overall, Blacks reported the least amount of sleep on average on workdays or weekdays, just six hours and 14 minutes, compared with six hours and 52 minutes for Whites, six hours and 48 minutes for Asians, and 6 hours and 34 minutes for Hispanics. Regarding sleep problems, 14 percent of Nike Jordan 11 Blacks were diagnosed with sleep apnea, compared with 8 percent of Hispanics, 6 percent of Whites, and 4 percent of Asians. "The high rate of diagnosis of sleep apnea in African-Americans was a surprise," Lichstein said, adding that the sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts is a serious one. Ten percent of Whites said they suffered from Nike Jordan 12 insomnia compared with 7 percent of Hispanics, 4 percent of Asians, and 3 percent of Blacks. But whether or not people are having more sleepNike Jordan 13 problems now than in the past is anybody's guess. "In terms of the rate of sleep problems, it's just as likely to be change in sleep problems as it is a change in data collection methods," Lichstein said, explaining that data collection on sleep is much better now, and so might turn up more problems. What's Keeping Us Up? Hispanics were more likely than others to reportNike Jordan 14 being kept awake by financial, employment, personal relationship and/or health-related concerns. Nearly 20 percent of Hispanics and Blacks say theirNike Jordan 15 sleep is disturbed every night or almost every night by at least one of these concerns. "So many people are suffering because of economic uncertainty,"Nike Jordan 16 said Martica Hall, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. "If you find yourself lying awake worrying, write a note to yourself to work on these issues the next day so you can dismiss those ideas at bed time." Hall added, "Consider using relaxation techniques and focus on calming activities and thoughts. If your problems persist, you may want to seek out a sleep professional."