Lorenz said that he had not played ball in the Rucker Park court , because it is not everyone can play wherever he goes ,Shox R4 Women Shoes get down son real skill is enough to play cell fate . "You know ? out from this gathering place , you will have a nickname , it is equivalent to become famous . " Lorenz did not wait until they got their own strong enough , they can not because of shoulder injury and then improved. "In fact, can play , but not even think enough on the level of the Rock Park . " when he and nearly all the eyes of Harlem , Rucker Park is like God to give you all the door shut , leaving it The only window .Shox R5 Girl Kid May in any case , basketball into his life , his life became the guidelines . "You learn how to solve the problem, how to communicate , how to face difficulties . " Lorenz said . In Harlem , in Brooklyn , in Queens , the Bronx , there are countless community basketball camp every day, as he did a good move for the child to participate in training . Can enter the training camp , they heard the coach said the first thing is always - to concentrate on playing away from trouble .Shox R5 Leather Wrote these words, the speakers came Jay-Z 's "New York , New York . " "Hey, I like this guy . " Lorenz while nodding his head to follow the rhythm , while "He is a Brooklyn , came to Rock Park , but also love to play . another guy to go out from here . "The music I do not know what nerve he touched , he said he made NBA has been a dream of age, said that his life is now very stable, Hen Zhizu .Shox R5 Mesh Perhaps he wanted to say , basketball can not guarantee that all into the NBA, but at least it can guarantee a lot of people do not get lost .Shox R5 PU Big Hook