Air yeezyChina Shoes News Network on August 20, not long ago, Stephen - Marbury and Shanxi team renewed a three-year contract, which basically means that the former all-star players the last years of his career would have a Shanxi team through. For the end of his basketball career goals, Marbury said in a recent interview, he intends to develop its own ball in the Chineseshoebusiness, and strive to acquire a CBA team.Air Jordan 1 According to U.S. media reports, Marbury that bought the team, will help China to better sales in his shoes. Marbury In an interview with "New York Post" interview. "Now China plans to establish an official NBA basketball court, it may still take some time. However, investment in China, I think that this is not a bad thing." Marbury said he was optimistic about 350 million people play basketball in the Chinese market.Air Jordan 2 Shanxi team in Marbury signed the contract also includes work for Marbury involved in coaching terms, also in Shanxi in China will also assist in Marbury offered his personal brand Starbury shoe stores, and Mabe in the cause of their shoes are also ambitious. Air Jordan 5"Starbury will be successful. Just like you to buy NIKEshoes, like in the future people will go to Starbury shoes to buy. My goal is to have 150 stores within 5 years. "Marbury said.Air Jordan 3 Also, according to reports, Marbury will own 10% of the part of the contract to help improve the school's basketball facilities.Air Jordan 4