Michael Jordan 18 years ago in command "dream team" was selected the U.S. Basketball Hall of Fame In the Barcelona Olympics 18 years ago by the "night" Jordan (Jordan) in command of the U.S. "Dream Team" to victory with performances by the podium, after 18 years of this " dream team "re-winning the day before yesterday, becoming the first branch in the history of the team selected for the U.S. Basketball Hall of Fame.ugg boots outlet   "Dream team" players Pippen (Pippen) and Malone (Malone) also with their personal achievements into the Hall of Fame, making the team's 12 players, 10 were not only personal, but also to the team achievements of the Hall of Fame.   "Dream team" for the first time the United States Basketball Association (NBA) star into the Olympic Games, in addition to assist in promoting global development of the sport, NBA has also attracted players from around the world to join.   Malone said: "the identity of a team player and also the Hall of Fame great."Nike Dunk Shoes   Pippen praised him for the Olympic team and the Chicago Bulls (Chicago Bulls) teammate Michael Jordan. He said: "" MJ (Michael Jordan's name initials), you affect many people's life, but no one like me. Does anyone know the 23 (Jordan) in the 23 years after I entered the Basketball Hall of Fame will be recommending it? " U.S. "Dream Team" members (front row from left) Stockton, Drexler, Mullen, (middle row from left) Pippen, Jordan, Johnson, Barkley, Malone, (back row from left onwards) Bird, Ewing, Robinson, and Lightner celebrate Hall of Fame. (Reuters)Air Jordan 1   Boston Celtics (Boston Celtics) legend Bird (Bird) recalled how Michael Jordan did coax him into the "dream team." He said: "This is the first time they let a team Hall of Fame, for us, imagine the day when a young age to become a member of the Hall of Fame. Now there is no doubt that this feeling is very special."   In the Barcelona Olympic Games, "dream team" invincible, averaging 117.3 points to get, averaging 43.8 points margin of victory.   "Dream team" general Barkley (Barkley), said: "It may be a thing no one wants to believe, sit down and say you want to win every match, and said each must win 45 am, It is not difficult. The hard part is we actually really did. "Air Jordan 2   "Dream team" coach Daly (Daly) died last year.   Hall of Fame this year, also won Olympic gold in 1960, the legendary team of that branch (which includes the "three pairs of the king," West, West, etc.), and the first American professional women's basketball (WNBA) player Cynthia (Cynthia). Air Jordan 3