Yesterday ( the 16th ), Adidas announced a strategic cooperation with Taobao ,Shox 2301 Large Hook the official flagship store officially opened the same day . At present, the war raging sports brand market , many well- known brands is intended to explore new channels through e-commerce consumer market . More recently, Li Ning also through cooperation with eBay , into the United Kingdom , the Australian market . In fact , in the Chinese market , Li Ning, Adidas has been more than a year . Statistics show that in 2009 Adidas sharp drop in business in mainland China ,Shox 309 NZ Mesh sales of about 70 billion, while the results of Li Ning to 8.387 billion yuan sales in China's sports brand in second place in the bag . Analysts say Li Ning , Anta and so the rise of domestic brands , indicating an early capture of second and third line cities, " encircling the cities "strategy worked . 2010, Li Ning offensive down, change the line LOGO to go international , play "90 , Li Ning , " the advertisement, in the first-tier cities to avoid on Nike ,Shox 309 NZ PU Adidas had a special feeling recognized 70,80 groups, full Compete for the new generation market . In this context , Adidas in 2010 as a crucial year in the Chinese market . How to maintain a market advantage , while first-tier cities , in the Li Ning , Anta and so take advantage of the second and third line market share and become the face of a place in the Adidas problem . Internet channels , has become the new Adidas breakthrough . Adidas relevant responsible person said , the hope that through the network channel development effort , with a minimum cost , the fastest speed , will be extending its reach to the whole of China logistics can reach places without having to worry about with Li Ning ,Shox Leather Air Cushion Anta Deng There is no advantage in the second and third line cities in the " bayonet fighting . " As with Adidas , Nike, Li Ning 's torrents parents simply could not sleep so secure . In fact , according to sales data in 2009 , Nike , Li Ning , Adidas three difference is not significant. Different strategies with Adidas , Nike has resorted to price cuts of rare weapons . Shox NZ LineImageryAccording to reports, the Nike conference call on fiscal year 2010 , Nike Brand President Charlie Denson said , Nike will introduce different prices in the low-end series of NIKE products to enter China 's second and third tier cities . Nike 's move will undoubtedly focus on Li Ning and other advantages domestic brands in the second and third tier cities, the formation of a certain amount of pressure , but at the same time , the industry is also controversial . One not to be named to the trade, the earlier , Nike and Adidas by NBA, World Cup, set up in China high-end brand image campaign , it occupies a considerable competitive advantage .Shox NZ Plating Hook However, this advantage in the second and third tier cities, especially the new generation of groups , not unbreakable . Can price cuts Nike grabbed second and third tier cities Li Ning , Anta 's market is still unknown , they might even " throw good money off soldiers , " price cuts to bring high-end brand image will lose some sinking Line the city's fans , but to the Adidas and Li Ning an excellent opportunity to host .