Titan SportsNew York 's report Implications of Relevance Early morning local time on August 12 ,Air Max Tn 10 unlimited City Music Hall in New York , nike meet the media at the World Basketball Festival , Kevin Durant has become almost the sole focus of the audience . According to the U.S. Basketball coach and say , Durant is not Zhezhi U.S. team leader , but he was the team's facade (face). If the U.S. team than to make an army , then Durant is the army generals . Only two weeks away from the Turkish World Championships start , Air Max 89but Team USA is still the dragon head, but not last : the key to their enemy to win what ? They differ over the past sessions of the American team ? This series of question marks still hover in people's minds . Fortunately, the " General Du " sitting in front of reporters , we can finally Benevolence to explore one of the Team USA actually . September 1988 born in Durant , now less than 22 years old,Air Max 90 but NBA history last season became the youngest scorer , he has been the league one of the hottest stars . But when you face him, will find he is still like a quiet boy , always look so docile . NIKE James, president of support for the emperor remains an important voice transfer News Beijing on August 17 this morning in New York 4-day festival on the world basketball, Nike spent heavily on the U.S. team into the event. Nike president Charlie - Danson also attended the event.Air Max 95 In an interview, Denson for the first time expressed his LeBron's "decision to join the Heat" view.   James is the Nike brand, heavyweight spokesman, made the important decision LeBron, Nike has not made an official statement, when James Denson asked whether this practice will affect his brand, the Denson said: "LeBron's announcement is one of the highlights of this summer. Everybody looks forward to his final decision. in the offseason, he's still on the basketball's center stage.Air Max 97 I support his choice, he and Wade and Bosh's Joining, regardless of success, he will be staged in the new season of visual feast to the fans. "   Although the final represents the supreme honor, but James has joined the Heat in Jordan such successors Wade, James leaves the reader feeling that this behavior holds suspected thigh, and had spread the "emperor" incompatible with the status. To this end, Denson explained: "Actually I think their combination may bring us more benefits than ever before, by the unprecedented attention in Miami, this is a potential market value.Air Max Ltd James for his dream of making choices is beyond reproach, and I believe his brand will be continued. "