Air yeezyBy the Hiroshi Fujiwara , Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker of Nike HTM series jointly set up has been one of the world's Sneaker classic mind , each of its production of a single product will become the king of Need for shoes .Air Jordan 1 More recently released Nike HTM Solar Soft Sandal foam tunnel for shoes , Nike used the latest foam technology to create , to the bright color as a focal point , now no release of any available information .Air Jordan 2 2010 United States training camp : Milito rejoinAir Jordan 5 Philadelphia time on July 28 , Inter Milan striker Diego - Milito arrived at Inter Milan stayed in the hotel . He will be training in the morning with his teammates after the lunch .Air Jordan 3 Afternoon, the team will travel to New York City Fifth Avenue NIKE , new season at Inter Milan equipped conference and meet with local fans .Air Jordan 4