Shox NZ USDAP world's leading golf apparel brand Nike Golf launched in 2010, "EVERY ADVANTAGE, EVERY CONDITION" dress design concept , trying to make all the golf players in any weather conditions , can enjoy without the burden of light through the swing fun . Continuation of this design , the 2010 autumn and winter NikeGolf Golf Apparel more focus on " lightweight "design and "multi -level " with . Selection for different climatic conditions the most appropriate DRI-FIT innovative fashion and technology in both the light through the fabric excellent protection and comfort ; In addition, a quarter more emphasis on the concept of multi-level mix and match , both in the kind of weather conditions, Able through a combination of different products and the use of arms, to create neat new green dress , to bring you a great advantage to dominate wins .Shox R2 Mesh NikeGolf golf apparel in addition to continuing emphasis on technology innovations , but also an attempt to create a new style of golf fashion , just as Tiger Woods says: golf is not only a part of life , but also is a part lifestyle show . Nike Golf R & D team adhere to the global apparel functionality and aesthetic design in a win-win , Texas Fort Wo Fuzi The Oven in R & D center , through the Environmental Simulation Laboratory and the precise calculation of body surface measurement device , in-depth understanding of the human body in various Environment temperature and perspiration condition , the introduction of innovative fashion exclusive DRI-FIT technology and lightweight fabrics and tailoring techniques , attempting to dress the body kinetic energy can also create a swing with the advantage . In addition to the innovative apparel fabrics outside , Nike Golf has presented a unique emphasis on personal taste , fashion elements into the design details of the campaign low-key luxury with minimalist concept , both to create movement and style of golf fashion ideas. NikeGolf continued pursuit of the ultimate goal of ultra- lightweight , in the clothing pattern design , Nike Golf to use more blocks of the body map technology, thereby reducing the traditional screen printing methods , changed to embedded designs to reduce the overall weight of clothes . Shox R3 Electricity Embroidery 2010 A variety of fall and winter clothing fabric with double- way , Nike Golf design team found that actually the combination of double cloth fabric to the light than the single- and double -level DRI-FIT fabric to provide a " chimney effect " feature , in the shoulder and the back pieces of the outer mesh can not only reduce the weight , also increased the flexibility of movement . Shox R3 OrdinaryIn addition, a more seamless design with stickers and campaign to increase the flexibility of key areas , stickers seamless lightweight design taking into account the requirements and to reduce friction between clothing and skin , high elasticity fabric for a more flexible swing No burden . 2010 Winter NikeGolf also launched the ultra-light variety can be incorporated through the down -type vest and jacket, with high quality goose down filling , charge down as high as 800 , to provide excellent thermal resistance and lightweight comfort , can be fully incorporated in the inner fold Attached to a small pocket , allowing you to more easily carry the golf course without the burden .Shox R3 Embossing In addition to the concept of lightweight design , the quarter, Nike Golf Golf apparel with more emphasis on multi -level and application , through a mix and match the single- use products to meet golfers in a variety of climatic and environmental protection requirements under . DRI-FIT technology and fast wicking DRI-FITUV sunscreen fabrics mixed use , allowing you to cool in the hot sun of the hot autumn season can have a comfortable feeling cool and comfortable . Windy and rainy late fall into early winter season , Nike Golf Therma-FIT also offers a variety of series of wind rain jacket / vest, can effectively prevent the cold air temperature and the inner temperature is kept at the clothes , to avoid the temperature distribution . The face of the depth of winter weather , Storm-FIT technology fabric in a thin layer inside the design, either you out of awkward heavy winter wear ; ultra- seal joints with a breathable fabric trim , allowing you to any adverse cold weather China also in top form. Through different levels of multi-level and color combination , Nike Golf to your own campaign with a stylish new charm , a true light through the comfortable feel excellent protection advantage .Shox R3 Magic Button