Shox R4 PerforationEarly in July, according to media reports, international brands Nike and Adidas are considering entering China by lowering product prices two or three lines market. Nike plans to expand sales of 40% in 2015 to 27 billion U.S. dollars, Adidas plans to two or three lines to carry out more shops, selling cheap products. Affected by this news, shares of stock of a public sports still underperformed.Shox R4 Plating   Nike shoes by adding low-cost competition, mainly second and third tier cities and vast consumer market and rapid growth in income, while the first-tier cities are relatively slow growth in sporting goods. In fact, Nike early February 2007 on the introduction of cheap sports shoes, but was not the Tailwind brand is Nike.Shox R4 Plating Air Cushion   Market is the interactive side of the domestic international brands into the medal positions, domestic brands also outside the box here.Li Ning(26.4,-0.50,-1.86%,)(2331)) are taking a multipronged approach penetrate the international market. In January of this year, Li Ning in the United States Portland opened the first store, selling recently developed basketball, badminton and Chinese Kung Fu series, Portland is the Nike R & D base, not far from Nike headquarters in Beaverton. In addition to the U.S. market, Li Ning has targeted overseas markets such as Britain and Australia.Shox R4 PU   Last week the world's largest e-commerce platform, eBay announced collaboration with Li Ning, Li Ning, eBay Online Shop will be the first in the eBay Australia and eBay UK launch, Li Ning's products are sold overseas through the eBay platform. In order to more easily enter the international market, and eBay co-ago month, the Li Ning replaced with new Logo and a new slogan, from "Anything is possible" to "make change happen."Shox R4 Three Age   With the popularity of electronic commerce, online trading platform has become an important place for trading of consumer goods, while the cross-border e-commerce has become the Chinese brand is an important way of going overseas. eBay is the world's largest e-commerce platform, has the world's 40 sites, covering 160 countries and regions of the buyer, 338 million registered users, clothing and shoes eBay products is one of the fastest-selling categories. EBay mature platform with a large number of users and resources can accelerate the process of internationalization of Li Ning brand.Shox R4 Transparent Fundus Technically, Li Ning, a firm of 250 antennas, the bad news is fully reflected in the first stop of speculation behind the target 27.