Air Max Tn 10Li Ning has been popular question , " Anything is possible " and just adjust the "make the change", Anta to "never stop "as the brand appeal ; particular step to say " to exercise different "; 361 ° stress " Courage to do their own "... ...Air Max 89 Can be said that local sporting goods brands to see such a strong sports market competitors , with a devious curves are marketing to tell their brand story . Yi is quite obvious that particular step , for example, although from 2008 Cai made now " Rang Yun Dong different " in the slogan , Dan Shi Bu Tongyu from the beginning a kind of traditional sports Jing Shen Zhuiqiu the Pinpailinian , the unique " sports -oriented Shishang To form " a clear idea of what the solution on the market orientation , consumer orientation are two important issues , fashion, sports and features of the concept of culture so that special steps be sufficient to attract a large number of young consumers , the domestic consumer market among the list of first-line brand . Look at a series of moves in recent years, special steps , sponsored television variety show , naming portal channels of entertainment , signing endorsement happy girls , really go for entertainment marketing and sports marketing, combined with the large ones , and their brand positioning has remained the same direction This archetype of the market segmentation strategy and precise implementation of the strategy , for any brand, will be the key factor. Similarly Anta , 361 ° of the market performance is commendable , especially 361 ° strong Asian Raiders , to help shake off the second-tier brand image , but they still can not let the local operations of the special steps have to contend Nike , Adi 's Offensive , in addition to capital investment gaps , more to think , I am afraid that marketing in the learning mode , but also to Pouxi itself , the meaning of the brand itself , to deepen the concept , a fundamental solution to the language of communication with the consumer , communication .Air Max 90 Sporting goods industry because of its unique environment and the competitive environment of consumption , especially in sport is the relevance of spiritual life with the people , and other industry brands straightforward declaration are very different , digital , home appliances can flaunt their technology content , and real estate Can exert to improve the quality of life killer , from the taste of food is certainly emphasized people 's sensory enjoyment , but sports in addition to the comfort of their own , more need to give the brand a soul , especially as the spirit of sports endorsements , the ability to Consumers of psychological resonance . You can see , whether it is "just do it" or "nothing is impossible", the feelings are no longer limited to products of this level, but rose to a kind of spiritual encouragement. Of course, this is not just a simple slogan , but a brand management culture accumulated over the years . When the slogan contact with consumers through advertising time , while unfolding of this idea must have some voice and various public relations activities , while behind the product design , brand and even business ideas and other soft elements also must be matched , So that unity comes from the depth of the brand is the brand internal force the release of each operation .Air Max 95 In contrast , local brand slogan is being used in line with international brands , and even some second-tier brands have already know how to dig a bright spot in the slogan more exchanges with consumers , but compared with the giants such as Nike and Adidas in sports Equal fashion, vitality and happiness of the understanding , the brand Li Ning and other local sports content for sports brands understand the gap is too large , this interpretation in slogans and nothing new seems old , not young love and pursuit of .Air Max 97 Most importantly , the internal force caused by the gap between the brand has also been exposed , whether it is product design concept or product development technology , the advertising creative or event marketing, brand slogans have nothing to match highlights , relying on a single slogan to attract Target consumers, is only a short-term market movements , but do not have the basis for sustainable development effort . How to make up the brand Mishaps , practicing internal forces , but also from the local sporting goods brand products, terminals , advertising, event marketing and other different areas, hard skills , Accumulate , a more profound interpretation of the brand meaning . Air Max Ltd