When The Answer series out to the 8th generation, this series will be history in any case one of the best series, exist. In fact, only the Air Jordan series more striking than it is.ugg outlet online   As we all know, almost all of the The Answer series based DMX designed on the basis of this technology is made, from The Answer 1 of the DMX-10 to the later DMX-Foam, Reebok in this most ancient technology seeks to create perfect results, which include the texture and durability.ugg boots melbourne   This process, only The Answer 6 for design reasons not to use DMX, the market reaction is not only dull, but also make this series into a low, but the playoffs that year launched I3 PlayOff 2 is the professional media criticism by many shoes were worthless Even the appearance did not please return for successful sales. The Answer 7 primary purpose is to re-launch to consumer confidence, it was not until 2004, Reebok launched The Answer 8, the series was re-top sneakers in the market to re-find their place.Air Jordan 4   Reebok designers have for a long time not so flash of inspiration, while wearing The Answer 8 Iverson on the court and renewed vigor. He finished fourth in addition to access to individual scoring title, the second time also won the All-Star Game MVP. Averaged 30.7 points, 7.9 assists, 2.4 steals to "answer" to become the first in NBA history, scoring, assists and steals last season were among five players.   The Answer 8 is a mean with a commemorative works, seems to struggle year after year to pay tribute to Allen Iverson. This shoe from start to finish to emphasize the importance of the 8th generation, it seems that only after the commemoration of the Air Jordan series. Covered the ventilation holes on the upper first shows "8" shape, the overall shape and large end of lines also appears to "8", lace on the metal buckle is skilfully "8" into which But the most out of the entire pair of shoes or the color of the design extends to the end, after a large drop of water to keep up with the shape of "8."Air Jordan 5   The Answer 8 shoes body design simplicity, still gives off The Answer series unique sense of speed. Color is used on the more popular of the big end of that time - the contrast between body color shoe, the overall feeling tight and no lack of fashion sense. Uppers The Answer is still used in the usual series of full leather, a large number of holes allowed the use of good ventilation, while the stability is not lost shoes.   The Answer 8 technically have a color of the Department, it does not cater to the trend at that time will be exposed in the end configuration, instead of using the retro atmosphere full of the big end design, on the upper package provides a powerful support, it seems The Answer 6 of the painful failure and The Answer 7 in the bottom half of the built-in success for Reebok's designers determined for the whole family back to retro atmosphere.Shox 309 NZ Mesh   The Answer 8 is the big end can be said that Reebok a few years one of the most outstanding design, and the first choice of translucent material is a discussion of consumers like it, is also very beautiful. From the functional point of view, the large end of the upper package provides a powerful support, especially inside the design, compared with Nike's Flight System not they strive. But, due to the use of the "8" groove design, which abandoned the usual herringbone pattern, The Answer 8 big end wear inevitably affected.Shox 309 NZ PU   Can any case, The Answer 8 has made history, but also allow people to rebuild on The Answer series of confidence.