Short of a tall , wearing red pants the insurance for all children has attracted attention Shox R4 PerforationDifficult to imagine such a small star in front of children , even timid in the face of skilled Anthony he should do a cross step change to the extraordinary , then fast break basket . " Oh wow . " Delimoer and the presence of others with utter admiration . Ultimately, this child is not thrown into layups . "He's the input of , this is a necessary goal . " Delimoer said that if he , the ball must go in. "It's just , he was the lucky dog ( lucky person) only . " Everyone could see that Delimoer envy of peers in the field .Shox R4 Plating In Harlem, almost every child has become the NBA star 's dream . This motivates them to participate in various community organizations basketball training program , in a variety of venues , honing his skills . Wade stood on the pitch 've been in that stage. Although this is his first visit to Rucker Park to play, but time and children live together reminded him of childhood . "At that time to improve the game , I get up very early every day , on the court playing a long time. Sometimes I would even hold the ball against the wall at home a signle shot , until my mother in the downstairs Shouting , I do not want to stop, " Wade said, " For me, playing is a way to let me out of trouble , stay out of trouble means . "Shox R4 Plating Air Cushion Of course, Delimoer now less than a trouble , trouble of age, he is now just want to see idols Anthony to his side , even a也好. Immediately available , he found a greater goal - Michael Jordan in the sidelines . Stir in the audience . Jordan went to Rucker Park ? ! For this sudden surprise , no one prepared to do .Shox R4 PU Delimoer is shocked that some could not speak , his mouth , " Michael , Michael , " it cried , if not a barrier 's stopping , I believe he has already rushed into the field in the . Delimoer , says that his fans are not quite Michael Jordan , but he knows how great Michael Jordan . From the many magazines and documentaries , he had seen Jordan 's achievements . The even more important. " But Anthony he idols . " Delimoer said .Shox R4 Three Age Like the passion and love basketball , the first way is through such a transfer . Puerto Rican descent, then that boy ( Carlos Arroyo ) sitting in front of the TV when intoxicated , he would dream of entering the NBA, but he was not necessarily think of , their own future but also in New York , in Harlem With fan .Shox R4 Transparent Fundus " I love basketball, because basketball is pure passion . " Jordan in the pitch, everyone present to speak on , " because I think better than others . I am not for a contract to play , I was not Contract , in addition to basketball, nothing . Then I and my teammates have made the glory , but we will continue to work hard to make himself better ... ... " Delimoer attentively listened to Jordan 's speech , the half-comprehended To nodding his head . Do not know how much his age could grasp , but at least found a role model -type figure.Shox TZ