Sports revenues Forbes celebrity list: Kim Sharapova topped the fifth child NEW YORK, August 19 reported:Air Jordan 5 Beijing time on August 19, the U.S. blessingJacobsselected list of recent income year sport out the top ten female athletes, without exception, on board the list of ringing the biggest names in sports, which Shala Bo Wa to 24.5 million U.S. dollars in revenue topped the list, the U.S. tennis "Black Pearl" sisters swept the size of Wei 2 and 3, the United States days after the Danica Racing - Patrick out in section 4, "South Korea to spend sliding Queen" Kim is ranked five children.Shox NZ LineImagery The Forbes ranking reference revenue in June last year to June this year, the income in one year's time, the Russian tennis beauty Maria Sharapova Although the competition is only about one million U.S. dollars prize money, but because of the NIKE ,SonyEricsson, Tiffany and many other well-known featured in advertisements in the past year, Sharapova became the sports which attract the most female stars, among the top sixth golfer Annika - Solon Stan annual income of 800 million, Sharapova's total income is three times of its shows unparalleled influence.Air Jordan 6 Second-ranked Serena Williams in the past year to reach 20.25 million U.S. dollars in earnings, revenue and Maria Sharapova also very similar, but as her sister Venus as record and are not concerned about the degree and Williams, the income will have to inferior to many, the annual income of 15.4 million U.S. dollars, and his sister have a certain gap.Air Jordan 7 In addition to income the top three female stars, only within Asia, "South Korea to spend sliding Queen" for a list-children Kim. In that year, her total income of 9.7 million U.S. dollars, is also the only Olympic competitor Ranking the celebrity, especially after winning this year's Winter Olympics, Korea's popularity at home and abroad are rising straight line, as advertisers darling, only South Korea's Kookmin Bank to give Kim a child on one million U.S. dollars of prize money won awards as the Winter Olympic Games.Air Max Ltd 2 It is worth mentioning that the income of this top ten ranks of sports female star, there Semis are tennis players, while three is a golfer. Thus, tennis and golf has become the celebrity sports competitions which attract the two.Air Max Tn