Shox 2301 Large HookRoyal Philips , as a very influential in the field of audio manufacturers , following 2009 's top sports brands Nike and the international launch campaign seriesHeadsetProducts, . In 2010, Philips is supporting Apple products, the further active to keep up with audio equipment , Philips AppleHeadset、SpeakerNew update speed faster. This summer Philips introduced a number of iPhoneHeadset。Shox 309 NZ Mesh Which is a quite characteristic SHH9756 ear ear : one is the design of its ear , with the soft gel pads fit the ear canal speaker jacket and structural design to ensure stability and tightness to wear ; their Second, it is equipped with volume control , integrated remote control device that allows you to easily remote control iPhone. Shox 309 NZ PU Operators are also more fashion modeling . In sound quality , the high bass sounds feel like as a whole to the direction of bias for a low , low feeling in full , though not extended high-frequency permeability , but the voice of each band fairly concentrated , non- divergence is not harsh .Shox Leather Air Cushion For iPhoneHeadsetUpgrade products , Philips SHH9756 overall performance is good. PHILIPS SHH4506Shox NZ LineImagery The same set of SHH4506 design is a more optimal use of silicone earmuffs and air cushion , makes the long hours more comfortable to wear . Can give the user unprecedented comfort . Greatly reduce the traditional earHeadsetOn the ear caused by pressure in the sound , the use of a dual-channel balancing technology to balance the high bass , operation remains wire technology . In general , SHH4506 more emphasis on comfort to wear and sound balance for long wear .Shox NZ Plating Hook