Anti-government protesters in Bangkok have been ordered to cheap air jordan shoesleave their fortified camp in the Thai capital. Loudspeakers, TV announcements and mobile phone messages were used towholesale air jordan shoes warn the protesters they should leave by 1500 (0800 GMT). Few protesters appear to benike air jordan shoes heeding the call and it remains unclear what may happen next - as soldiers shoot live rounds to try to contain the protest. Violence since Thursday has left air jordan shoes36 dead, and some 250 injured. Renegade Thai general Khattiya Sawasdipol died on Monday, five days after being shot as he spoke to reporters about his backing for the protest movement. The government said on Monday it would talk to air jordanthe protesters as long as they showed "sincerity" by leaving their camp. The protest leaders, for their part, havejordan shoes offered UN-mediated talks on condition the government pulls back its troops. Every few minutes a soldier fires a live round to keep back the protesters further down the road. They are so far back you can't hear or see them. They're staying out of range of the soldiers guns. The road is blocked by a burnt-out truck and thick columns of black smoke from a burning barricade. The deadline for the red shirts to nike air jordanleave their city centre encampment has now passed. Helicopters have been hovering overhead; loud speakers urging people toMoncler leave the area. The protestors there seem to have pulled back to jacketsthe very centre of their camp where they wait to see what will happen next. The broadcasts warned that those who remained faced two years in prison, but gave no details about what would happen after the deadline passed. Satit Wonghnongtaey, a minister attached tomoncler vest the prime minister's office, told reporters an "operation [to disperse the protesters] will be executed as soon as possible". But the protesters appear to be defiant. As the deadline passed, there was little sign of a rush to leave the camp. Jordan 1 Jordan 10 Jordan 2 Jordan 3 Jordan 4