Air Jordan 1.5For the purpose of achieving more comfortable feeling of fly, Anthony Nike hope draws some design elements and notions from its first distribution in 2005, which make runners to run barefoot and feel “free”.Air Jordan 2.5 Air Max 90 original thick heel is constructed by thick polyurethane and solid rubber. But the selections of the Free sports shoes developed technology can reduce the weight significantly, and at the same time, increase the cushioning effect.Air Jordan 3.5 In the processing of the new Air Max90, the “three circles” unit is introduced, which can control the hardness of insole. And the injection molded Phylon and Duralon elastic partition lightweight outsole increases cushioning and grip function.Air Jordan 6 ring Crafted by the improved thick heel, Air Max 90 leads you to the outstanding performance. At the fall of 2008, each series of Air Max shoes are made of this kind of thick heel.Air Jordan 10.5 The overall appearance of Air Max 90 Current is inherited from the original AM 90. The exposed air-cushion is still brilliant, but careful observation reveals that the new shoes have unique features of Nike shoes. The combination of the Air Current dynamic fit system and the Free5.0 technology make Air Max 90 is full of function sense.Air Jordan 2009