7, are the best team AdidasNike Dunk Shoes FIFA announced the world's best lineup, Adidas star-studded overwhelming majority of 8 people to become the biggest winner, largely due to Spain's victory (5 selected). There are also two players selected for Germany, the Netherlands 2, and Uruguay Suarez's selection. At the same time the best player, best scorer and Rookie of the players are also sponsored by Adidas. Adidas said that the results can be won without suspense!nike dunk 8, Nike marketing potential While Adidas has achieved the record, but Nike will not say there is no harvest. Specifically, they dug the soles of the feet Adidas. This World Cup, Nike Silver - Assassin series shoes orange color is the highest penetration rate, even just with the 20 million euros Adidas sponsorship defense of "home base" Germany have been reduced to a half of the country - United Kingdom Germany Germany starting World War 11, Klose wear underwear, etc. 5 adidas, Nike sneakers.Vibram Five Fingers FIFA to "ambush marketing" has specific restrictions, this World Cup group sent more than 400 people dedicated to walking a fine grasp of the company, but what the players wear shoes really can stop. 9, Adidas World Cup sponsor advantageMBT Shoes As a result, we can put a lot of results and the phenomenon attributed to the World Cup sponsor Adidas advantage of the game ball to celebrate the topic on everyone's lips. Adidas logo appears everywhere bombed the fans eyes. This advantage will help the Adidas World Cup during and after the sales reach a certain performance, but according to managing director of Adidas Greater China, Dubai Rui's interview: "At present, Adidas football sales hopes to reach at least 1.5 billion euros. This means that in 2008, Adidas football sales of 1.3 billion euros based on the increase of more than 15%. ibid. World Cup sales of 1.2 billion euros, compared to 25% increase sales. In the first quarter of 2010, sales of football products has exceeded 26%. With the 6.5 million sold the jersey, the jersey number has exceeded 3 million in 2006, double jersey. which included as Germany, Mexico, South Africa and Argentina team-selling jersey. the sales of close to 1 million or more. "Air Jordan 1