"90, Li Ning," can do it "after 90" it?Air Jordan 3    "Li Ning" is the essence of the word "to founder of the core, enterprise, product, brand extension of the collection." 84-year peak and 88 years of sadness, drama, reality and the reality of the drama, achievement of the "Li Ning" epic brand appeal, even after the youth in the course of 70 deep imprint imprint. "Li Ning" natural can do it after only 70. Li Ning is "Li Ning after 70!" Li Ning sales data also proved this point: 35 ~ 40 years after 70 people more than 50% of total consumption. Not only that, "Li Ning after 70" after 90 you can do it?Air Jordan 4   Air Jordan 5As a professional provider of Li Ning sporting goods company, target must be 13-26 years old "90 after." Li Ning, the glory of gorgeous in the 80's, can not reach ten years after the birth of the "90 after" Based on this, Li Ning that "after 90 Li Ning" concept, but objectively speaking, the brand Li Ning temperament and "90 after" character, the difference is too poor: "Li Ning" is a 70-mental coordinates, on behalf of "tenacity, optimism, hard work and progressive spirit and spirited passion"; and "90 after" the typical character is: gossip novelty, ethnic pleasure, unconventional and rebellious. Imagine: When "90 after" meeting "Li Ning", the inherent brand awareness of 90 will run away after shrugs; and when the "70 after" seeing "90, Li Ning," the ad will not betray that Li Ning and abandon its own?  Air Max 90   Air Max 95Marketing proved: 1, only accept the original knowledge and experience Xiangyizhidi things, "90 after Li Ning," The Gainian Yu inherent consumer Intellectual Conflict in serious, difficult to recognize and Qing Gan Yin Qi rational resonance, Zhuanboxiaoguo Ziran be greatly reduced . The standard can be considered for the event marketing and promotion topics, open to question the true value of the brand; Second, attempts to change consumer perception of advertising is effective at even fruitless. "90, Li Ning," may lead to the worst result is: not buttoned also angered after 90 after 70.Shox 309 NZ Mesh