Leading U.S. financial magazine " Forbes " article said that the U.S. technology giant International Data Group (IDG) took aim at China's fashion industry . The article said all along, the U.S. International Data Group, are seen as the world's leading technology investors . Domestic technology giant Robin Li of Baidu , Sohu, Charles Zhang , are the company's early investments . These days , IDG start looking in different areas - the fashion industry .Air Jordan 12 It is reported that , IDG has a Hong Kong-listed holding company Bosideng International 2.8% stake in the future the company may have more in this area " move . " Boston consulting firm recently hinted that a number of international luxury brands in Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities of the market is nearing saturation . However , IDG JeacyYan vice president , said in an interview , IDG that China is still in the fashionable area of great potential .Air Jordan 13 JeacyYan said: " Tourism in Europe , you will shop in the front row of Chanel and LV team was surprised by the long , most of these people are Chinese tourists. Many people want to lower prices in foreign countries to buy fashion Goods . "JeacyYan that now that the Chinese people know more than enough fashion . "I believe more Chinese people travel abroad and more international brand awareness , this is the other brand to enter the Chinese market 's potential space . "Air Jordan 2.5 For investment projects in China , JeacyYan said: " We are concerned about all of the fashion industry types, including apparel , accessories, cosmetics and household items , from mid-to high-end . " "Some well-designed , accurate positioning of the foreign brands , if accurately identify the correct Partners , we can be successful in China . " she said.Shox TZ IDG company currently has two transactions , working with leading U.S. hip-hop clothing brand Rocawear and BadgleyMischka cooperation . Rocawear is a tripartite joint venture companies , some owned by Yikangnisi China Ltd. and Bosideng have . BadgleyMischka also have cooperation and Aikangnisi China Limited . Yikangnisi 's products cover fashion, sports and home textile field three dozen brands, are aggressively entering the Chinese market.Air Max Ltd 2