A Melbourne woman accused of fatally bashing a frail World War II veteran had moncler onlineinjected heroin and was also drunk on the day of the alleged murder, a court has heard. Rachel Hegarty, 34, is facing one count of moncler salemurder over the death of 89-year-old Walter Hughes on August 28 last year. Mr Hughes, who was legally blind, had left his Ashburton home in Melbourne's east to walk a short distance to the local shop to pick up dry cleaning when he was attacked about 3.15pm (AEST). Advertisement: Story continues belowHe had spent the day with Moncler men Hoodyhis wife packing up their home as the couple was to move to a retirement village the following day. But by 11 that night, the great grandfather, who served inMoncler men T-shirt the Middle East in WWII was dead. On the day of his death, Hegarty, from Thomastown, began drinking cans of Moncler men Polo shirtbourbon just after 11am with her friend Megan Brain, 28, who she had been staying with for two days. The pair later went to an IGA supermarket in Ashburton, in Melbourne's east, and bought a bottle of vodka, orange and mango juice and two cans of bourbon before going to a friend's place after midday where they continued to drink, Ms Brain told Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Monday. Ms Brain said Hegarty, who was on a methadone program, also injected heroin. She said when she asked Hegarty if she was going to an access visit withMoncler men Jackets her eight-year-old son, who lived with a foster family, Hegarty became angry and stormed out of the house about 3pm. Ms Brain said the allegations of violence against her friend were out ofMoncler women Jackets character. "I've seen her get upset but not violent," Ms Brain said. The owner of Moncler men Down Jacketsthe milk bar where Mr Hughes had collected his dry cleaning, Joumana Romanos, said Hegarty was "agitated" when she entered the store and asked for change to make a phone call. Another witness, Rachel Hall, said she saw Hegarty outside her office window and heard her yelling, "f*** you, I'm more Australian than you." Mr Hughes was assaulted in Moncler women Down JacketsAlamein Avenue, Ashburton, about 3.15pm. It is alleged Hegarty punched him about four times. Hegarty was restrained at the scene byMoncler men Vest Jackets a man, another witness told the court. The male witness said he had helped Mr Hughes stand up and lean against a car. Mr Hughes, who had two children, three grandchildren and five grandchildren, was taken to The Alfred hospital where he died at 11pm that night. The hearing before Magistrate Johanna Metcalf is continuing.Air Max 180 TR+ Air Max 180+ Air Max Wright Air Max 360 Air Tuned Sirocco