Yesterday,AdidasTaobao announced a strategic cooperation , open up markets in China flagship store network . In the industry view, the hidden meanings behind apparently far from ordinary business cooperation ,Air yeezy but the former have " mortal enemy "NikeMassive lineup , after Li Ning , Anta and other domestic brands under pincer attack , the international sports brand predators are a key step . Adidas attempting to use the Internet to counter must Filing shows the first half of Adidas in China, down 16% , as the world's six major markets, the only negative growth in the region . Meanwhile, its revenue last year was to storming second and third tier cities, Li Ning , " encircling the cities "strategy overtake . In the continuing high cost of operating pressure, into the online retail market seems to have become the international brand development of new antenna channels . The success of the attacks yet , " OCS " rival Nike , maintain market share is no longer declining , Air Jordan 1 Adidas in this a try. Adidas for the active cooperation by and Taobao B2C business , in fact, in the Chinese market , Li Ning, Adidas has been more than a year . Data show that in 2009 Adidas sharp drop in business in the Mainland , with sales of about 70 billion, while the results of Li Ning to 8.387 billion yuan sales in China's sports brand in second place in the bag . Analysts say Li Ning , Anta and other domestic brands rise , indicating an early capture of second and third tier cities, " encircling the cities "strategy worked . 2010, Li Ning offensive down, change the line LOGO to go international , play "90 , Li Ning , " the advertisement, in the first-tier cities to avoid on Nike , Adidas had a special feeling accepted after 70 and 80 after the group Air Jordan 2, fight for the new generation market . IResearch Consulting analyst Suhui Yan said that with the growth of online shopping population size , the traditional trend of e-commerce brands will become more apparent . Nike into a double-edged sword against fierce price war As with Adidas , Li Ning 's torrents parents simply could not sleep for peace of Nike . According to sales data in 2009 , Nike , Li Ning , Adidas three difference is not significant. However, different strategies with Adidas , Nike has resorted to price cuts of rare weapons . According to reports, the Nike conference call on fiscal year 2010 ,Air Jordan 3 Nike Brand President Charlie Denson said , Nike will introduce different prices in the low-end series of NIKE products to enter China 's second and third tier cities . In fact , let it cut prices on Nike, the same time, Li Ning has the opposite action initiated price increases . Reported that orders in the fourth quarter of the meeting, Li Ning products and footwear rose by 7% average unit price of clothing rose more than 10% . Analysts said that this was a conscious Li Ning in the high price of the product structure to raise the proportion of the changes brought about . Sales channels , some domestic brands dealer told reporters : "The current agency Anta , Li Ning, the profitability of brands such as Nike, the general agent to higher than about 5 percentage points. For most small -scale distributors , the The same input ,Air Jordan 4 they would prefer national brands more profitable agency . " Nike currently a distributor such as Belle , but also may not have the market penetration to 23 the experience and strength , indeed, may be embarrassing Accelerated into the online retail major brands Ereli survey found that many well-known brands at home and abroad recently have increased emphasis on e-commerce channels . Adidas stationed in Taobao Not long ago, Li Ning through cooperation with eBay to enter the United Kingdom, the Australian market , through e-commerce to speed up international pace . It seems in many industry , Li Ning 's e-commerce model is being emulated by more companies . Back in April 2008 , the financial turmoil sweeping the global economy , the Li Ning times correctly set up the e-commerce department , was officially launched in Taobao Direct Direct brand flagship stores and discount stores , and through the incorporation of existing Online Shop ,Air Jordan 5 Online Shop for differences in the different positioning methods , built a huge online marketing system . According to the data show that the year 2009, Taobao online shopping transactions amounted to 208.3 billion yuan , of which clothing became the first door type , accounting for all the net purchase amount is about 1 / 4, while the athletic footwear and apparel is the clothing category The most popular .